Portrayal of Technology in Prometheus

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In Prometheus, an expedition sets out from earth to find humanity’s origins. On a moon of a distant planet, they find an ancient outpost, with dead aliens that turn out to be closely related to humans. A contingent of crew members led by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw set out to explore the ruins and find evidence that the aliens were in fact the creators of humanity. One crew member, an android named David, sneaks off, intending to revive one of the aliens. Back at the ship, several crew members begin behaving strangely, having been infected by alien parasites. The parasites grow rapidly, burst out, and attack the crew, who barely fight them off. In the ruins, David succeeds in waking the alien. The alien attacks David and takes off in a ship, intending to destroy humanity. The crew crash their own ship into the alien’s, sacrificing themselves to prevent the alien from escaping to Earth. Only David and Dr. Shaw survive. The alien climbs out of the wreck of his ship and attacks Dr. Shaw, but is killed by one of the parasites. David and Dr. Shaw leave the planet in an escape pod, heading to the alien’s home world to learn about the origins of humanity.